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The Game of Life

I started reading the Game of Life by Timothy Leary a couple weeks ago. A trip to Barrie gave me plenty of time to read so I'm just about near the end and it's a good read.
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The Weight of the Real World

So, the honeymoon is over. I'm not feeling as excited about magick as I was recently. It's not a change of heart really, just the tide of life ebbing... or is that the tide of shit flowing?
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Makings of a Chaos Magician

I've been trying to order my thoughts lately regarding many things but chiefly magick.
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Grasping for a scientific explanation

So, I've been adding more to my "big picture". I try to avoid using science and magick in the same sentence because it invariably turns out stupid. Finding a balance or an unbiased view is difficult...
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An embarrassing epiphany

As a follow-up to yesterday's post, this is a rundown on recent events that have left me stunned, anxious and ambitious.
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A mournful Chrismas

It was an emotionally difficult changing of the year... two weeks of sadness, anger, confusion and aggression.
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Some thoughts

So, I'm currently reading Nanofuture by J. Storrs Hall, PhD. Thus far, it's a look at the current and future state of nanotechnology. It's pretty fascinating stuff. What I find most interesting is that the first steps in nanotech were taken by mimicking biology. For example, and forgive me if I bugger this up - I'm not a biology student, cells manufacture proteins, which are strings of amino acid molecules. The function of a specific protein is based on its shape, how the molecules are bound together. Each cell has thousands of "machines" performing different tasks. Now, this is all high school biology but when I was in high school, I never thought about it. I was too concerned about being able to identify the parts of a cell with the right names. However, scientists are looking at these processes to learn how assembling molecules with the right kind of bonds can produce a certain simple shape. Once you have simple shapes, you're only a step away from simple machines.

What struck me though was that despite how popular the idea of nanotechnology has become, it's always been around. Mother Nature got there first. To me, it's a vision of a truly wondrous gestalt. A living cell is a natural nanotech factory filled with molecular machines. Millions or billions of these nanites combine into communities we call organs and the organs combine to form a living creature. This might be old news to biologists but I find it absolutely amazing to view the body from this point of view.

I am not a singular being. I am a swarm of trillions of entities that use molecules as their building blocks and atomic forces for nuts and bolts. Stunning...

Of course, I could go one step further and add my thoughts about the gestalt psyche and Elohim Tzabaoth but then it just gets way too crowded in this body of mine.

Thoughts on Power Centers

There's a book that I've kept with me for many years now. It's called 365 Tao by Deng Ming-Dao. It's one of those books that came out with the big New Age/Eastern religions phase back in the 90s. Essentially, it's a collection of 365 ... poems, meditations, not sure what to call them but the author associates them with days of the year varying for the Northern and Southern hemispheres. I've never spent a whole year reading it, one day at a time but I do like to sit down with it occasionally and read a weeks worth.
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My calculations from the last post missed one small detail. A detail, which as it turns out, snowballs into a big fuck-up.
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